Blush & Bloo

Social Campaigns & Conversion Optimisation

Blush & Bloo is a boutique boho fashion store in the heart of Byron Bay.

Blush & Bloo is a beautiful boutique store in Byron Bay that carries a collection of Italian fashion. Their clothing embodies the Byron Bay mindset and is made for the gypsies and travellers, the dreamers and wild ones. They also sell the collection on their online webshop.

Blush & Bloo asked me to help with the promotion of both their physical store and their e-commerce store, in order to boost online sales during these challenging times. By combining different marketing channels and letting them work together, we could drive up their conversions online.

seo blush and bloo byron bay
blush & bloo byron bay marketing

First of all, I optimised the SEO of their website so the Google bots could index the content and we could climb the rankings for relevant keywords including bohemian clothing and clothes Byron Bay.

Then, we looked at new ways to bring in traffic. We launched several ad campaigns on social media, where we tried to target our bottom-of-the-funnel to top-of-the-funnel audience. We set objectives to drive foot traffic to the store, to create brand awareness and to boost online conversions. By retargeting our website visitors, we could drive up sales even further – since our audience that showed interest got re-engaged with their previous looked at items.

social media ads blush & bloo Byron bay
blush & bloo fashion store byron bay

Lastly, we looked at how we could fill the gaps. By focussing on email marketing, we can send out monthly newsletters – announcing new collections and products on our website.

But we also created email flows and automation, offering customers discount and reminding them of items left in their shopping carts.

email marketing