Melissa Mills Photographer

Branding & Strategy

For all those fuck-it-let’s-be-reckless-and-real-moments.

Melissa Mills is a photographer that focuses on the real and raw moments. She captures the connections between people, the small details, the things a little left of the centre field. She inspires people in front of the lens to be the truest version of themselves. And she makes those small and big moments sing.

To attract an audience of people who look beyond beauty, we needed to position her as a strong brand. That’s why we worked together on her brand story, by identifying Mills’ unique characteristics. Afterwards, we looked at how we could translate this brand story into a marketing strategy – and how we could tell the story on her website, on her socials, on every touchpoint she has with her customers.

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It’s less about Pinterest-perfect and more about come-as-you-are. I’m okay with ugly. In fact, I encourage it. Give yourself permission to post the ugly, the weird, the strange and the beautiful.