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Quality Control for your business

At Quarexo, they care about your business. They ensure a high-quality and efficient production process at your worksite within the automobile, manufacturing and aviation industry. By conducting high-level quality control, implementing rework actions and offering support where needed, Quarexo helps companies reaching that next level.

With a new business concept and eager enthusiasm to help business grow and improve, Quarexo needed a new website. They were looking for a platform to showcase their experiences and services and to attract the right clients in the industry.

I created a website for Quarexo with a clean and professional design. I opted for a yellow colour scheme, an optimistic colour that is often used in the construction industry. The goal of the website is to be informative, to create brand awareness and to show the quality of work of the company.

Other important parts were the job openings and a user-friendly contact form to generate leads. Since our target audience is based in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the website was created in both Dutch and English.

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quarexo web design
quarexo landing page design