Roots Bar


A space to gather, celebrate, drink, connect, indulge, relax and walk away with a smile on your face

It all started with a shared passion for cocktails. The Roots-team wanted to create a new space in Genk, where people could gather and enjoy, while exploring new flavours.

The Roots Bar is a stylish bar concept that keeps the fascinating history of Genk close. It’s a combination of tales and tastes, where your senses are invited on a whole new journey.

The website too had to tell this same story. Together with a local web developer, we crafted a website that extends the unique look & feel you get from the moment you walk into the bar.

I was asked to write the copy for the website, and could play with words and sounds to enchant the visitors. Built on a strong keyword research, and optimised for SEO practices, the website could also secure a strong position in the search results.

roots web design and seo
roots bar genk copywriting