Cum Laude

Functional Web Design

Luxury student accommodation in Belgium

Studentenhuis Cum Laude offers student housing in the Belgian university town Diepenbeek. The building houses 36 modern student rooms, each equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom. Their previous website had an overview of the rooms available in the building but was lacking a clear brand identity. So Cum Laude came to me looking for a new brand face and websites that would attract students that were looking for comfortable and luxury accommodation in Diepenbeek. With these students in mind as a clear target audience, I build up a brand that reflects the fun and excitement that comes with going to college, while still focusing on the comfort and luxury Cum Laude offers.

First, we needed to create a new logo. By choosing a red/orange colour, I could position Cum Laude as a exciting and young brand, which is also reflected in the joyful person represented in the icon. By keeping the shape round and soft, it offers a warm and welcoming image of the student house. The font, however, is more a more classical neutral approach, to identify the luxury that can be found in this building.

To reflect the elegance of the rooms, they needed a modern and beautiful website. I built a website focusing on all the benefits of the complex and it’s location, with separate pages for each room. Together with a photographer, we highlighted the beautiful features and showcased these on the website.

Once the website was in place, I developed an SEO strategy to attract more customers. By extensive keyword knowledge and diving into the world of the students in Flanders, I could not optimise the landing pages, but I could also develop a content strategy that would roll out on their freshly installed blog.


Secondly, I developed an Adwords strategy that reaches the students looking for a room at the exact right moment. By placing the right ads on Google, I could triple their daily traffic within a couple of days.

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