The Chef’s Cut

Branding & Marketing

The Chef’s Cut is a Belgian company that organises culinary travels around the world

The Chef’s Cut is an Antwerp-based company that takes you on culinary adventures. They organise food trips to unique destinations, including Lebanon and Montenegro, and host wine tastings and barista workshops in their headquarters in Belgium.

When moving from a company that mainly focuses on restaurant consultancy to a culinary travel agent that wanted to attract a broader audience of foodies, they needed somebody to help them craft that new brand.

marketing the chefs cut

I started off by creating a strong brand identity for the company. The Chef’s Cut represents authentic experiences, that all foodies can enjoy. I found the fitting brand colours, the images we were going to use and I created the brand story that would serve as the backbone for all their marketing efforts.

marketing and branding the chefs cut
the chefs cut antwerp
brand colours the chefs cut

Next, I developed an end-to-end marketing strategy, where I looked at their website, social media channels, paid campaigns and email marketing. And with this clear strategy in mind, we could start with the creation of a new chapter for The Chef’s Cut.

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We designed a beautiful new website, that shows the unique aspects of the culinary experiences they offer. I gave their Instagram a make-over, carefully selecting the right images in the right tones. I launched social ad campaigns, with unique messages targeting customers at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel – driving up traffic and conversions by 40%.

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